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This isn't the story I thought I'd be writing, but maybe it's not as different as I'd first thought.

Darrow's new arrivals haven't necessarily chosen to start over, to begin a new life, but the outcome is more or less the same. They've been thrust into a new world and they've had even less preparation than we'd had for Homestead II. I have to remind myself of that when I think of Jim, when I think of life on the Avalon and I get mad. I had made the choice to get into that hibernation pod. I had chosen change.

It just turned out that change looked nothing like I'd told myself it would. 

Ever since I last closed my eyes on Earth, nothing has. But there's also nothing I can do about that. And it's not like Darrow hasn't granted me some good. I've met incredible people. I've been given a chance to reinvent myself as a writer.

To be Aurora and not a ghost of my father.

It's not until one day I'm into my thirteenth lap of my gym's pool, writing paragraphs in my head that I'm sure to forget, that I realize how the hell I'm going to go about that. 

Whatever I have with Hawkeye is casual and natural and I'm in no rush to change that, but he's still the first person I rush to with my epiphany. I'm damp from the pool, hair stringy with chlorine, when I find him not far from his apartment. He's certainly seen me looking worse.

"A book," I tell him before he can say anything. "About... everybody here. That's what I'm going to write."

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It's around mid morning when Hawkeye finds himself almost barrelled into by Aurora. He's on his way back to the apartment after working through the night at the hospital, still in his scrubs. Nothing particularly eventful occurred on his watch, but he can still feel the tiredness creeping in at the edges, and he rubs a hand over his face and yawns.

He's startled back into wakefulness when Aurora comes rushing over, her hair still wet. She's been swimming again, he guesses. He's never been the athletic type, but he knows she enjoys it, and he can appreciate the way it leaves her face fresh and a little flushed. Though looking at her now, he thinks there's a chance that's because she practically ran here.

"Well, okay," he agrees, nodding easily. He'd been tired before but just the sight of her wakes him up, the tension easing out of his bones. He doesn't know whether it's because her enthusiasm is catching or whether it's just how his body reacts to her, but either way he feels like sleep can wait. He smiles at her instead, a little bemused but definitely interested. "Only if you name the main character Hawkeye," he teases. "Send the literary reference full circle." He knows enough about what she writes to know she doesn't mean a fiction book, but he can't help himself.

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The very last thing anybody needs in their lives is a book about Benjamin Franklin Pierce, he thinks. His father named him for a character in his favourite book, but Hawkeye doesn't think that particular honorary tradition would continue if there was a book about him. No father is going to read about his life and decide that's something they want to pass down to their kids.

"Even I'd fall asleep after page three," he argues, shaking his head. Wherever this idea came from, she's clearly excited about it. She reaches up to touch his face almost unconsciously, and Hawkeye gives her a smile and reaches up for her hand, linking their fingers together. There's been no discussion of exactly what it is they're doing, and admittedly he has no intention of broaching the subject. He's perfectly content to continue as things are, though the longer she stands here smiling at him like that with that spark in her eyes, the harder it's going to be not to just take her home.

"What's there to interview?" he asks. "My favourite colour is red, I'm crappy at geometry, know all the words to every Doris Day song you can think of and I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue." He pauses a moment, gives her a wink. "That last one I made up, but I bet you couldn't have picked it."

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He listens to the assessment, smiling as she speaks. He makes a note to try and learn how to tie the damn cherry stem if it takes him weeks, if only because he thinks it might be the kind of ridiculous thing that would make her laugh.

It's not that Hawkeye is necessarily opposed to being interviewed. He's been interviewed plenty of times by various reporters stopping by throughout the war. He's watched them try and spin his words into something that their superiors might actually deem appropriately G.I., and he at least knows that Aurora wouldn't do that. He's still getting to know what makes her tick, but he doesn't think she'd censor him at all.

Still, it means talking about things he's been doing his level best to forget. He knows that it's not Crabapple Cove she'd want to write about, but Korea.

"There are literal superheroes and people who can do magic in this city and you want to interview me?" he asks, a little incredulous. The people in this city still boggle his mind, and he's still just a small town surgeon, when it comes down to it.

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"Before Korea they just called us doctors," he says before he can stop himself. He regrets it afterwards, but the words are already out and Hawkeye's not usually the kind of man who pulls them back. It's not Aurora that makes his tone tinge a little bitter, but he can't help the frustration at the way the war changed everything, even his title.

Three years ago he was Hawkeye Pierce, M.D., and now he's a war doctor. A meatball surgeon. When he went to medical school that wasn't at all how he planned to be remembered. In fact the whole point was to be remembered, to become some hot shot doctor and live the dream. Instead he got drafted, became a number, a cog in the chain struggling to make any kind of difference, and then he wound up here.

He gives her a look that he hopes says he's sorry for snapping even if he doesn't say it aloud, and he makes an effort to soften his tone. "You can interview me, but I reserve the right to edit it later and make me sound funnier than I actually am. Deal?"

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He can tell she's biting back words and he almost wishes she wouldn't, because he deserves to be told he's an idiot. Things had been different before this place, he thinks. Between himself and BJ they must have flown off the handle about a thousand different times about a thousand different inconsequential things. The thing they were screaming at each other about was hardly ever the root cause of the problem, either.

But it was either do that or crack, and there was always some kind of unspoken agreement that they wouldn't hold a grudge in the morning. Maybe there was one or two times where they slipped, but BJ is still the best friend he ever had and Hawkeye knows that he was given a lot of rope then that he's not going to get now.

"I'm sorry," he says eventually, shaking his head. He is tired, but it's no reason to get snappy with her. She's the last person he wants to alienate, despite how very good he is at it. "It's not you," he explains, though he's pretty sure she gets that. It still feels important to say, even if it doesn't excuse anything. He squeezes her hand, continues walking and shoves his free hand into his jacket pocket. "Tell me more about your book," he prompts instead, giving her a nudge.

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He's not the only one who's had his purpose in life questioned a little since turning up here, he knows that. In fact he's got it relatively easy. Korea might have pulled him away to do something more than he ever expected, but without the war he's still a surgeon. The circumstances are a little different, but surgery is surgery in Darrow or in Korea, and it's not like he has to reevaluate everything.

Aurora can still write in Darrow, obviously, but he knows the subject matter, the inspiration has to be a little different. Writing about a spaceship and the kind of journey she'd been on isn't the kind of thing she can replicate here. Maybe she wouldn't want to, but he knows it has to be a little hard to seemingly start all over again.

"So, the interviews?" he questions, glancing at her. She's written about herself before, so now she wants to write about other people. It makes sense, sure. He's sure that at the very least, there will be plenty of interesting people in this place for her to talk to. "Is there a theme, or are you writing about how ridiculous this place is?"


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